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Family Fun

Where Oh Where? 

Hide-and-seek is an ageless game that requires nothing but time and space.

Hide and Seek
Play this fun game inside or outside, with just one other person or with a crowd and with people of any age. It’s a retro game that never gets old.

How to Play
Designate a “home base”
Set boundaries for hiding (avoid anyplace dangerous)
Choose a player to be “It”
“It” counts to a predetermined number before calling out, “Ready or not, here I come!”
When “It” sees someone hiding, “It” must run back to home base and call the person out
While “It” seeks, the hiding players can find opportunities to come out of their hiding places and get back to home base

A traditional way of ending the game, if players are still out in hiding, is for “It” to call from home base:
•   “Ally, ally, in free”
•   “Come out, come out, wherever you are”
•   “Ollie Ollie oxen free”

No Home Base
•   “It” calls out the person when they are discovered
•   The winner is the last player to be found

Chain Hide-and-Seek
•   Players join hands with “It” when they are found
•   The chain grows as the group searches for remaining players together

•   “It” hides and all the other players look for “It”
•   As players find “It” they join the hiding place
•   As the game goes on, the searchers know that they are looking for a number of people crammed into a small space!

Great for Teens: Night Hide or Flashlight Tag
•   One player is designated “It” and has a flashlight
•   “It” counts to 50 while the other players hide
•   When “It” finds someone, “It” shines the flashlight on the other player
•   That player then becomes “It” and the first player is free to go hide

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