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Family Fun

Water (Drinking) Sports  

Fine. You know you all need to drink more water. FitFamilies has a few ideas on how to increase your water consumption with a side of family fun.

Drink in improved health with these water-friendly activities.

Play Water Pong
Large, sturdy table with a flat (and waterproof) surface
•   Cover a flat outdoor surface 6 feet long with a sheet if you don’t have a large table
20 paper or plastic cups
2 clean ping pong balls
80 ounces of water
Liquid measuring cup

Fill each cup with 4 oz. of water
Arrange 10 cups at each end of the table
Align cups in a pyramid shape with the points aiming toward the center of the table
•   4 cups in a row
•   3 more cups in a row in front of the line of 4
•   2 more cups in a row right in front of the row of 3 cups
•   Place a final cup in front of the row of 2 cups

Players take turns trying to throw the ball into one of the cups at the opposite end of the table
Drink the water from the cup when you get the ball in (of course, take the ball out first!)
Take turns until all cups are empty, keeping track of how many cups each person drinks
The person who finishes the most cups wins!

Cash in the (Water) Bank
A piggy bank or jar
A large bowl
A note card for each player to log water intake each day
100 pennies for each player

Each player writes their name on a card and divides the card into seven columns or rows
Place 100 pennies per person in the large bowl, placed near the bank

Every time a player drinks an 8-ounce glass of water throughout the day, they make a mark on their card
At the end of each day, players place a penny into the bank for each glass of water they drank
The game ends at the end of the week, with the player who had the most marks/drank the most water getting all the pennies in the bank

Water Bottle Décor
Personalized water bottles in your fridge to help everyone keep track of their own water intake
Use recycled plastic bottles with secure lids
Start with two bottles per person
Draw designs and names on the bottles using colorful permanent markers
Fill one bottle half way and freeze it overnight, then add water in the morning and refill it all day
Rotate bottles from fridge to freezer

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