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Family Fun

Roll Out a Bike Party  

Create a progressive party for your family and friends that really sets the pace

Send invitations
•   Be sure to remind guests the party is BYOB: Bring Your Own Bike (& helmet!)
•   Attach the invitation to a bike bell or place it inside a reusable water bottle with confetti

Make guests feel special
•   Give each guest a number – and pin it to the back of their shirt as if it were a professional bike race
•   Pair teens with younger kids who need mentoring, help and encouragement

Map a fun-filled route
Select a route with safe stopping points that allow a variety of  experiences, as well as bike racks for secure parking
•   Look for parks with dirt or paved bike paths and take a detour through the park
•   Set up obstacle courses with cones at school playgrounds
•   Stop half way for a treat at a frozen yogurt shop or convenience store
•   Ride to a nearby lake for a canoe race
•   Make it a rolling scavenger hunt or treasure hunt with clues and prizes along the way

Safety first
•   Teens: Enforce the rules of the road by serving as the group’s monitor and safety patrol
•   Bring friends along to ride in the front, middle and back of the group to encourage everyone to ride safely
•   Use a whistle or your bike bell to alert riders to danger

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