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Family Fun

Go Wild!  

Zoos offer a fun day that’s part education and part exercise.

Get up and go to the zoo early to see a majority of the animals in their most active hours. Don’t forget to wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in. Then make a game of the experience!

Tour It
Begin with a walk around the entire zoo, without stopping at any exhibits, and talk about which animal exhibits are at the top of everyone’s list. Then start your tour at the entrance again, this time with stops and detours to every family member’s favorite exhibits. 

Walk This Way
When you’ve finished observing an animal, walk like it would to the next exhibit. Just saw the elephants? Swing your arms in front of you as if they were an elephant trunk. Still amused by the monkeys? Ape their behavior and walking style as you make your way to the next group of animals. 

Photo Safari
With smart phones and digital cameras in hand, set out on a photo safari you can review at home.

Decide on themes and make them your mission:
•  Capture animals in funny poses
•  Shoot pictures of animals asleep or eating
•  Take pictures or video of each other striking animal-like poses in front of each exhibit you visit. Try stretching like a lion in the sun, reaching your head up to eat leaves from a tree like a giraffe, standing on one leg like a flamingo, or moving your arms slowly like a sloth.

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