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Family Fun

Summer Gym Breaks

Take the kids back to school! The local school playground is a great place for toning up all summer long – and there’s no membership fee.

Get to the playground in the cool of early morning to avoid the heat of the day, or walk over together after dinner for a family evening of re-energizing fun.

• Do chin-ups on the monkey bars or “walk” them with your arms to build upper body         strength
• Hang upside down from the monkey bars and bring your head up to your knees for an intense core workout (be sure you’ve got a spotter to keep you safe)
• Get on the swings to work your core by controlling your speed and height. Don’t forget to pump those legs!
• Look for ways to use the open space for big activities, like Frisbee golf, throwing a football, playing badminton or setting up a game of lawn bowling or croquet
• Bring hula hoops, jump ropes and chalk for hopscotch to make the most of the        smooth paved surfaces
• Plan a weekly game of basketball, kickball or softball with other families and friends.

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