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Family Fun

Tag Games

Tag is a simple, fun game that improves motor skills and agility while focusing on teamwork. It’s a perfect game for families with a variety of fitness abilities, and ideal for getting everyone outside on cooler fall days.

The number of people who can play tag ranges from three to 30, making it great for a quick evening playtime or a weekend outing to the park. Teens – let your imagination run wild and add your own twists to these already twisted games of tag.

Blob Tag
When someone gets tagged, they join hands with the tagger to form a tagging pair. They now chase others while holding hands, moving as a "blob." When they tag someone else, that person joins hands and becomes part of the tagging blob. The members of the tagging blob have to work together to keep moving in the same direction to achieve their goal of becoming a single blob of everyone!

Tunnel Tag
In classic Freeze Tag, players must "freeze" in the position they're in when tagged, and can only rejoin the game when tagged by another player (not the tagger). But in Tunnel Tag, players can only be “thawed” when another player crawls through their legs – making it dangerous for the “saving” players to avoid being tagged and frozen too!

Vegetable/Fruit Tag
When a tagger approaches players to tag them out, the players can protect themselves by squatting down and saying the name of a vegetable or fruit. If the tagger gets to the player before they can squat and say a name, they become “it.”

Hand-Aid Tag
When a player is tagged, he or she places a hand on the spot that was tagged and must keep their hand there for the rest of the game. If they are tagged a second time, they must also cover that spot with their other hand – and have now used up all of their Hand-Aids. If tagged a third time, the player must go to the “hospital” on the sidelines and do five jumping jacks (or pushups) so they can “recover” and rejoin the game.

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