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Family Fun

Celebrate Your Military Family

November is Military Family Appreciation Month. Don’t leave it up to the calendar to tell you when to celebrate YOUR family: Celebrate yourselves together all year long.

“Behind our brave service men and women, there are family members and loved ones who share in their sacrifice and provide unending support," said President Barak Obama. 

Support is just part of what makes a military family special. There is much more: Your confidence when meeting new people, your ability to deal with change, your independent spirit and your unwavering patriotism. Kick off Military Family Appreciation Month by celebrating those strengths with fun activities designed for your whole family. Why not:

1. Take goofy pictures of your family doing active things in unique places.
  • If you live overseas, don’t just stand in front of landmarks and take pictures of each other, take active pictures of each other. Need an example? How about doing handstands at the base of the Eiffel Tower?
  • Is one of your parents deployed? Bring them along as a “Flat Parent” wherever you go. Just create a life-size paper cutout of that parent (complete with a picture of their face and drawn-on clothes) and hold it up when you take a picture of the rest of the family hiking, playing tag football or riding bikes.

2. Do something together that you’ve never done before. This is an ideal time to visit your MWR office and sign up to go boating, skiing, riding horses or run a race. 

3. Volunteer together. Schedule a day when everyone can join together to clean up litter in a park or take care of a military cemetery.

4. Walk the base together and talk about all the benefits of being a military family. You’ll find there are so many – and so many fond memories – you may wind up walking for hours!

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