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Family Fun

Redefining Comfort Food

When holidays and other celebrations come along, many of us reach back to our childhood to set comfort food on the table as part of the joy. But are carb-loaded, creamy, fat-and-sugar-filled foods really something to celebrate? Change your go-to dishes and set up new standards for what’s comforting, and help the whole family celebrate health.  

Create healthy comforting memories for your family’s future by transforming high-fat/high-sugar celebratory tables into healthy displays of love. Instead of serving new versions of old standards like rich mac and cheese, made into a low-fat version of the dish, completely eliminate that dish and seek out something new. Maybe it’s time the family sees celebrations as a time of dietary discovery too.

Sensory exploration
As you develop your celebratory menu, look for new foods and recipes that engage everyone’s senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste.
  • Focus on a variety of textures – crunchy, smooth, sticky – and provide as many contrasts as you can
  • Look for recipes for dishes filled with herbal aromas and flavors
  • Consider serving a sizzling griddle of grilled vegetables so everyone hears the sizzling sound and smells the aroma of the cooking veggies
  • Decorate platters and plates with fresh herbs, sliced tomatoes, radishes, edible flowers – whatever will delight the eyes
  • Don’t dig right in. Ask the family to pause and reflect on the reason for the gathering and the foods on the plates. Take time to appreciate the bounty of the earth, the labor of the farmers and ranchers, and the incredible love shared among you all.

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