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Family Fun

Active Family Ideas

Making activity part of your family life can help your children form healthy habits for life, and can improve their school performance too. Active kids are healthy kids, from head to toe. Most active kids have active parents and families, so it’s important to model the behavior for them. But make sure it’s FUN, and really integrated into your life – not forced. Try some of these ideas to get everyone moving more regularly:

1. Make every family gathering an active one:
  • Plan physical games into the day, whether it’s a relay race for younger kids or dancing for teens.
  • Get out of the pizza parlor and into the skating rink or pool.
  • If you have enough people, organize a team sport at a nearby school athletic field, whether it’s soccer of Frisbee golf.
  • Always take a break from the table to take a walk during food-centric holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter.

2. Walk or bike everywhere possible:
  • Map out local errands and do them by foot or by pedal power. The more people who go, the more you can carry, so try riding to the grocery store too.
  • Give every member of the family a pedometer and track your steps. Consider monthly prizes for the top stepper.

3. Simply play together:
  • Plan 30-minute play times, three times a week, where you go back to your childhood roots by playing hopscotch, jumping rope, playing hide-and-seek or even climbing rocks.
  • Plan one activity you can all do together every weekend, even if it’s just a short hike or a trip to the playground.

4. Turn yard work into a workout:
  • Raking, piling rocks, digging flower beds, shoveling snow, planting a vegetable garden – it’s all good, clean, active fun.
  • Don’t have a yard of your own? Look into community gardens and enjoy the healthy yield.

5. Clean to a beat:

  • Turn up the music and handle household chores to your favorite songs. Let everyone choose a musical style and match the rhythm to the chore.

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