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FitFamilies FAQs

What is FitFamilies?

FitFamilies is a web-based goal incentive program. Families have the opportunity to set goals and monitor their progress.

What is included on the FitFamilies website?
The FitFamilies website provides resources, ideas and goal setting tools to help Air Force families be active, make healthy nutrition choices and have fun in an effort to promote overall wellness.

Who can participate in FitFamilies?

FitFamilies is open to all active duty, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, DoD
and civilian families.

Where can I access the FitFamilies website?
The FitFamilies URL is www.usafFitFamily.com and can be accessed via
any computer with Internet access.

What base programs sponsor FitFamilies?
Air Force Child / Youth Programs (CYP) and Fitness Centers partner to offer FitFamilies and promote the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and encourage Air Force families to be active together. Base Marketing works closely with these offices to promote the FitFamilies initiative.

How many points can a family log?
The maximum number of points each family can log per day is 4000 points. During FitFamilies bonus month, points will be worth double and families can earn up to 8000 points per day. Bonus months are March, May and July.

What are the FitFamilies Goal Achievement Levels?
 1st   Level      Togetherness - 250,000 family points
2nd   Level      Commitment - 500,000 family points
 3rd   Level      Determination - 750,000 family points
 4th   Level      Perseverance - 1,000,000 family points
 5th   Level      Wellness - 2,000,000 family points

What are the FitFamilies incentives at each level?
Families who reach each FitFamilies level receive the following recognition:

Level 1

Level 2
Certificate + Family highlighted on FitFamilies website

Level 3
Certificate + Family highlighted on FitFamilies website

Level 4
Certificate + Family highlighted on FitFamilies website

Level 5
Certificate + Family highlighted on FitFamilies website


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