Spring Smarts

April is National Humor Month, but it’s also a picture-perfect spring month. Test your knowledge of facts about spring and spring weather, from a quiz on The Farmers’ Almanac website. What you learn just might put a spring in your step.

What is the first official day of spring?

What is the rainiest city in the US?

Which state has the greatest number of tornadoes, on average, each year?

The Farmers’ Almanac lists which two cities as having the latest average spring frost date?

What is the term for a period of unseasonable cold weather in spring?

Why do migrating birds prefer northern latitudes during the spring and summer?

What is the name of the astronomical event that marks the start of spring?

Who was the Greek goddess whose return was believed to signal the start of spring? :

What month has the greatest number of violent storms?

Which state has had the greatest number of flash flood fatalities over the last four decades?