Fitness Tips

Easy Anti-Obesity

The scientific community agrees that each one of the following can positively impact overweight levels and obesity issues in children and teens. In fact, they’re a good idea for the whole family!

  • Eat five fruits and vegetables per day
  • Exchange celery or an apple for chips
  • Get one hour of physical activity a day
  • Try breaking it into 15 or 30-minute segments if you don’t have a full hour at one time
  • Limit screen time to less than two hours a day
  • Learn to prioritize what you watch and play
  • Limit consumption of sugar sweetened beverages
  • Cut back slowly, then fully eliminate them
  • Eat breakfast daily
  • There are so many options – experiment and find your favorites
  • Switch to low-fat dairy products
  • You probably won’t even notice!
  • Regularly eat family meals together
  • Shoot for a minimum of 1-2 nights around the table together each week
  • Limit fast food, take out, and eating out
  • See it as a treat, not a staple
  • Prepare foods at home as a family
  • You’ll increase nutrition and flavor while reducing cost. A true win-win!
  • Eat a diet rich in calcium
  • Look to green leafy veggies, not just dairy
  • Eat a high fiber diet
  • It’s easier than you think when you’re eating healthier, whole foods
  • Breastfeed exclusively until infants are 6 months old, then maintain breastfeeding after introducing solid food until the child is 12 months of age
  • New moms, talk to a nutritionist about how breastfeeding can reduce childhood obesity