Trying to stay on a weight loss plan? Watch out for these food frauds!

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  • Caesar salad can be 300-400 calories, even without the added chicken.
  • Fresh smoothies are also 350 calories or more with 80 grams of sugar (from fruit concentrate) unless you make your smoothie at home and use real fruit.
  • Energy bars (candy bars in disguise) can be up to 500 calories. Make sure you read the nutrition information.
  • A chicken burrito can check in at 1,000 calories and lots of fat (cheese, sour cream and fat in the tortilla). Many are simply too big.
  • Sugar free food can trick your taste buds into desire for more sweets and trick your brain into thinking you can upsize the fries!
  • Enhanced water often has added sugar calories so read the label!
  • 2% milk sounds healthy but it has more than half of the fat of whole milk. Go with skim.
  • Latte with 2% milk and whipped cream. Add the white chocolate and you're looking at 580 calories.
  • Turkey hot dogs have less fat - but there is still a lot of fat in a single dog. More label reading!
  • Muffins - think of them as doughnuts in a different shape. They can have up to 500 calories and 11 teaspoons of sugar.
  • Low-fat granola is still full of sugar. Look for low-sugar, whole-grain granola and sweeten it with fruit.
  • Low-fat yogurt is another sneaky food with as much as 30 grams of sweeteners (fructose, sucrose or others). Blend plain yogurt with real fruit instead.
  • Multi-grain products often contain refined grains as the main ingredient. Look for "100% whole grain" instead.
  • "Light" olive oil might be tempting - but it often means it is just light colored! Read the label.
  • Microwave popcorn can have nine grams of fat in a snack size bag. Go with popcorn that has no trans-fat at all and add your own Parmesan cheese or low-salt spice.