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•  Before biking, do the ABC Quick Check
        •  A is for Air
        •  B is for Brakes
        •  C is for cranks and chain
        •  Quick is for quick releases
        •  Check is for check it over

•  Helmet should fit and be adjusted properly. NEVER ride without one.

•  Clothing can be everyday clothes with the exception of cold weather, rain, night rides and long rides. Carry extra layers in a back pack or bike pack.

•  Bike should be the proper frame size and have the proper seat height, seat angle and handlebar height adjustment FOR YOUR PREFERENCE. Many bike shops will work with you to make the adjustments necessary.

•  Learn how to shift. If you are unsure how to shift properly – try watching a YouTube video.

•  Share the trail! This means:
    •    Courtesy
    •    Announce when passing
    •    Yield when entering and crossing
    •    Keep right
    •    Pass on left (and announce it: “on your left!”)
    •    Be predictable
    •    Use lights at night
    •    Do not block the trail
    •    Clean up litter