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  • Acclimate. If you typically exercise indoors, ease yourself into the heat a little bit at a time. Let your body become used to the heat for 10-14 days. You’ll know you’ve adapted when you sweat more, sweat sooner, and recover faster.
  • Dress for the weather. You want to wear breathable, lightweight, light-colored workout clothes.
  • Drink up. Even mild dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches and anxiety while severe dehydration (with heat) can cause heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.
  • Plan your running route. Make sure you have a route that includes shady stops and water stops.
  • Pre-cooling. You can lower your body temp before starting out on a run by drinking an icy beverage, taking a cold shower, or even wearing a glove packed with ice cubes.
  • Reverse the order of your workout. Switch the order of your workout according to the time of day. So bike in the early morning when it is cool, and swim later in the day when it is warmer. Switching your workout order also “tricks” your metabolism.
  • Salty snacks. You lose salt when sweating, so make sure you replenish it with some salty snacks.
  • Sun screen.  In addition to putting sun screen on your face and upper body, put some on your legs. Also – don’t forget the tops of your ears, the back of your neck and the part in your hair.
  • Take off your shoes. Try running barefoot. It is cooler, and also promotes striking the ground forefoot or midfoot first, and then the heel.
  • Use a power deodorant or a powder spray to prevent sports bra chafing. OR, wear your sports bra over a thin moisture-wicking seamless tank top.