Do and Don’ts Fitness Tips for Beginners
Fitness tips to do:
  • Do: The thing you hate. If you don’t like weights – make sure you do them. If you do the things you don’t like, you’ll go beyond your natural talents and gifts and work on other areas of your fitness.
  • Do: Breathe fully and deeply. Many exercises have an inhale portion and an exhale portion. Do that and don’t hold your breath.
  • Do: Eat well. Fuel up with three balanced meals and two light snacks, such as fruit and crackers, per day.
  • Do: Keep setting new goals. Move those goals up just a little bit at a time, but keep moving them up.
  • Do: Learn how to use the equipment properly. Ask for help. Depending on the state, your gym may legally have to have people who can help show you how to work out on the machine, and it can save you from badly injuring yourself.
  • Do: Start slow. Gradually work up to exercising several days per week. Try 2-3 days per week, for at least 30 minutes per day. Ramp it up to seven days per week. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio every day and strength training twice a week for two to three months so you can build a habit.
  • Do: Stay loose. Beginners frequently tense up when working out. Relax the muscles you’re not working, so you can focus on the ones you are.
  • Do: Stretch AFTER you’ve warmed up a bit. You are less likely to injure yourself when you’re stretching if your muscles are already a little warmed up.
  • Do: Take a break when you need it. By not letting your body rest, you can be doing much more harm than good. The body needs time to heal and repair itself. A little soreness after a workout is good. Pain is not good.
  • Do: Vary your workout. Cardio, yoga, swimming, weights, Zumba – take a turn at each of them.

And a few don’ts…
  • Don’t: Multitask. If you’re reading a magazine – how hard are you really working out? Focus.
  • Don’t: Focus on the numbers. Heart rate, steps, running time and other numbers are not always an accurate indication of what is going on inside. Listen to your body.
  • Don’t: Get stuck on the treadmill. People tend to do the same thing over and over. Don’t do that. Mix it up.
  • Don’t: Skimp on shoes. Go for function – not style.