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The Language of Love

Your home is where love lives, where your family gathers for comfort and support. When you join together to make healthy lifestyle choices, you speak the language of love. And that language begins with the ABCs of health and fitness. >>>
Obesity Could Trim America’s Readiness

The U.S. Department of Defense must recruit nearly 190,000 new military personnel annually to replace those retiring or leaving military service for other reasons. >>>
Operation Megaphone

What do 3500 military kids do when they hang out overnight in a lock-in at 105 military youth program facilities around the world? They have a blast – and plan for another, even better event for the next year. >>>


Month of the Miltary Child

Our military children are resilient and proud of their service,
and deserve our support. The Department of Defense, armed
services, Cabinet agencies, the White House Joining Forces
Initiative and communities throughout the country recognize
this and have stepped up to provide a variety of special
programs, initiatives and activities for our military kids. >>>

Forty years ago, a group of military spouses took the
initiative to make big changes for military families.
Their dedication and hard work paid off and now
it’s your turn! Find your niche and join us in making
life changing differences for military families at the
National Military Family Association. >>>

Check out the USAF Cooking for Deployed
Troops Teen Video contest winners!

The USAF Cooking for Deployed Troops Teen Video contest challenged
youth to create a healthy, easy recipe for Airmen and families. Twenty-one
Youth Programs accepted the challenge and developed a video highlighting
their healthy, easy, and teen-made meals/snacks to support our troops.
The winning bases included: Minot, Whiteman, McGuire, Edwards,
Holloman, Wright Patterson, Randolph, Ramstein, & Maxwell-Gunter.
Enjoy the videos and meals >>>
Military Youth Centers Host 2nd Annual OMP Event
The 2014 OMP theme is "Memories from Around the World" and military teens from all services will participate in a Youth Lock-In to discuss pertinent issues facing military families, conduct service learning projects to support community efforts, and network virtually with other military teens.   >>>
Operation Homefront's Military Child of the Year Announced
Air Force's Gage Alan Dabin is one of five Operation Homefront's Military Child of the Year recipients for 2014.  Currently a senior in high school, Gage has received nominations to all service academies and is awaiting appointments.  >>>
Celebrate National Nutrition Month in March with USAF FitFamily
National Nutrition Month is a nutrition education and information campaign sponsored annually by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign is designed to focus attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.   >>>