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Seven Most Effective Exercises

Many people view the new year as a time to make changes in their physical fitness. If you’re looking for easy changes you can make without an expensive gym membership, here are seven activities that will add to your success. Happy new year from all of us at FitFamily.  >>>
Warm Up to Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

If you think frozen produce isn’t any good, let it go. Frozen fruits and vegetables are picked at the height of their nutritional value, store well for months at a time and are super convenient.   >>>
Change Your Cravings

The movement toward “clean food” means you choose foods that nourish your body and support your overall health. It also means selecting foods that don’t harm the environment. But it’s hard to know what choices to make, especially when a craving for unhealthy foods kicks in.     >>>


National Hand Washing Awareness

The power to prevent the flu is literally in your hands! Find out how regularly washing your hands this month can keep you and those around you healthier and happier during the holiday season.  >>>

Air Force Teen Movement
Project Increases Youth
Science Experiences

The 4th quarter Air Force Teen Movement Project - STEMulate Your Mind! - is designed to provide youth and teens with exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) opportunities to increase awareness and interest in these critical educational and career fields.   >>>
Project Youth Extension Service (Y.E.S!) Internship Program Helps Serve Military Families

Serving those who serve us!  Project Y.E.S! is a national service internship program dedicated to providing quality youth development programs to children and youth of military families. Project Y.E.S! invites college students to join in supporting the needs of military families facing deployment.  >>>
Youth Employment Skills (YES) Offers Valuable Experiences for Youth

The Youth Employment Skills (YES) program is an on-base volunteer initiative that helps high school students gain valuable work skills, "bank" dollars toward their post-secondary education/training, and make a positive impact in the military community.   >>>