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USAF Summer
Fun and Safety Tips!

Summer is here – and that usually means school is out for a few
months, family vacations and reunions are scheduled, and lots of
outdoor time is had by all. With all the fun and exercise that comes
with summer activities it’s important to remind families about safety.
The USAF FitFamily website team joins in celebrating the excitement
of summer by featuring a family who earned one of the top spots for
point accumulation this month using FitFamily GoalTracker.  They share
their summer fun and safety tips.

Meet the LugoSantiago Family!

Like all military families, the LugoSantiago’s are challenged with finding time to
stay active as a family. For CMSgt Jose LugoSantiago, at the 628 ABW/CCC,
Wendy a ‘work from home’ Mom and Adrian 8, planning is the key for them.
Recently assigned to Charleston AFB, South Carolina, they are discovering a
wealth of outdoor summer-time activities like nearby beaches, convenient bike
trails and local historical sites. Using the FitFamily website for ideas in combination
with what their new environment offers has led the family to plan a full summer to
include Frisbee, bike rides, swimming, and mini-golf.

Summer safety tips from the LugoSantiago Family!
Wendy and Jose have already stressed the importance of summer safety to their
son. Living in a warmer climate prompts the importance of keeping hydrated by
drinking lots of water, wearing sunscreen at all times and the added sun protection
of donning a hat. The LugoSantiago’s safety advice? “Don’t assume what may seem
obvious – educate your children on the various insects, snakes and other wild animals
that might be found in your community, how to identify them and what to do if confronted
by them particularly if the child is alone.”  Adrian has already been counseled on
snakes – to keep a safe distance, but if he is in imminent danger, slowly back away
and call for help.

USAF FitFamily top point earners!
Kudos to the LugoSantiago family! As top point earners this month, they’ve set an
admirable standard for all. Using GoalTracker not only helps keep the whole family
on track as they maintain a healthy lifestyle, but using it also affirms their goals.
Wendy admits there is great value in having the entire family participate in logging
points because it raises the awareness of healthy choices.

Adjusting to generational lifestyle differences!
Keeping the family active today takes planning and scheduling, something Wendy
wasn’t exposed to as a child. She remembers playing outside all day long during the
summer with little involvement from her parents. However, with the frequent transfers
of military families and the resulting separation from friends and neighbors, parents
today play a much more active role in their child’s goings-on. The LugoSantiago’s are
also reminded of the importance of balance between work and play. So, as they planned
their summer activities this year, they also set expectations – there will be fun days and
there will be work days by all family members!

Get Up, Get Out and Get Fit – Together!
Wendy suggests getting together as a family to identify all the sights in the area
each family member would like to visit, then post it in a visible place (in the
LugoSantiago home, it’s on the refrigerator). During the summer when there is
‘down-time’, visit a location on the Wish List! It might be as simple as walking to a
local duck pond to feed the ducks, or visiting the nearest city park for a picnic.
Every community has so much to offer – take the time to explore things to do in
your area today and stay safe while doing it!


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