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Family Nutrition

Five Healthy Lunchbox

Get an A+ in lunchtime magic by giving your kids a flavorful, nutritious lunch they’ll love.

Try this week’s worth of menu ideas that minimize sugars and fats. Include a small bottle of water or suggest your child get a carton of low-fat milk to wash it all down

MONDAY – Sliced chicken on whole wheat bread
Spread hummus on the bread instead of mayo or mustard and top with sliced chicken. Include baby carrots and a small low-sugar yogurt plus two fig bars for dessert.

TUESDAY – Cheese quesadilla
Top a whole wheat or high-fiber tortilla with cheese, diced tomatoes and red peppers, fold over and wrap in aluminum foil. Include an apple, a banana and two small chocolate chip cookies.

WEDNESDAY – Turkey wrap
Top a whole wheat tortilla or high-fiber wrap with lettuce, low-fat cheese and turkey breast and roll it up before sealing it in foil or plastic. Serve with cucumber slices, grapes and two small oatmeal cookies.

THURSDAY – Mini bites
Let your kids build their own “sandwiches” made of cucumber slices and tuna salad – and spread peanut butter in the valley of celery sticks or on two whole grain crackers. Include a small orange.

FRIDAY – Pesto pasta
Toss whole wheat pasta with cooked spinach, broccoli, cauliflower or any other leftover veggies. Include two whole-grain crackers and applesauce.

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