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Post-holiday Reset

It’s easy to let parties and family time sidetrack our workout routines. And once January rolls around, many of us find other excuses to put fitness aside. Here are some common roadblocks and ways around them.

Roadblock: Bad Weather
Pathway: Layering, duration and location
Dress smart and winter weather won’t deter you. Wear several layers, regulating your body heat and moisture, then remove layers as you warm up.  Start with a layer of wicking material that draws moisture away from your skin allowing it to evaporate. Finish with an outer layer that blocks wind, rain or snow. When it’s cold outside but you still want to run/walk, limit your workouts to under 40 minutes. If it’s cold and wet, move indoors.

Roadblock: Busy schedule
Pathway: Strategize; Do more in less time
Put 30-45 minute exercise breaks right into your personal/work calendar and make them high priorities. For most people, a morning workout is the easiest appointment to keep – and you’ll feel better all day long. Shift to interval training and burn more calories in less time by alternating high- and low-intensity cardio bursts over a 20-minute period (plus a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down).

Roadblock: Away from home
Pathway: Smart packing; Realistic expectations
Pack workout clothes, shoes, resistance bands and exercise videos and use them whenever you have downtime. Waiting in an airport? Walk around the terminal and take the stairs. Be OK with not fitting in your full exercise regimen while you’re away. Instead, try your best to do 20-minutes of daily stretching, walking and ab work so you won’t have to start over when you return home.

Roadblock: Worn out and tired
Pathway: Get moving!
When you think you’re too tired to work out, be gentle with yourself and start moving anyway. You may find the reserves you need to do more than you thought you could. Soon you’ll be back on track and feeling energetic again.

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