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Family Nutrition

Cut Back on Sugar for a Sweeter New Year

This year, make the choice to reduce the amount of added sugars you and your family take in. By limiting cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy, sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, and juice drinks, you’ll reduce calorie intake and improve your overall health by replacing empty calories with nutrients. Don’t go cold turkey – move to this healthier way of eating slowly and your sugar cravings will gently go away.

Tips for a sugar slow-down

Serve smaller portions
•  Use smaller bowls and plates for cakes and ice cream.
•  Split a candy bar, soda, or juice drink with at least one other person.

Exchange sugary for fruity
•  Serve baked apples, pears, or a fruit salad instead of sweets for dessert.
•  Substitute an apple and cheese for a cookie and milk snack.
•  Switch from ice cream to frozen juice bars. Be sure they’re made with 100%
   juice and without added sugar.
•  Have fun with fresh fruit by colorfully displaying slices on a plate or making
   shapes with it.

Always review the sugar content on packaged foods and drinks
•  Select cereals with lower amounts of sugar.
•  Compare sports drinks and buy the ones with the lowest (or no) sugar content.

Drink healthier liquids
•  Reach for water, fat-free milk, or 100% juice whenever you or the kids are thirsty.

Look for the “no candy lane”
•  Many grocery stores have a check-out lane without the candy display. Make it
   a habit to use that lane and skip the temptation.

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