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Family Nutrition

Eat Healthy While Eating Out

Planning your portions and your menu before you sit down in a restaurant can help keep you on track.

Before you go into the restaurant
• Eat a handful of nuts or 1 ounce of cheese to slow your appetite.

When the server comes to your table
• Order water or unsweetened ice tea and drink a full glass before ordering food.
• Request the rolls be taken away from the table.
• Ask for a menu at all you can-eat-buffets. If no menu is available, use a salad
  plate instead of a dinner plate for your servings – and focus on veggies not meats.

Order food that fits your healthy eating plan
• Ask for low-cal salad dressings, and have all sauces served on the side.
• Order main dishes with lots of vegetables.
• Choose steamed, broiled, or grilled fish instead of anything fried.

Keep portion control in mind
• Share your entrée.
• Order from the appetizer menu.
• Put half your entrée in a to-go carton before you start eating.

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