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Family Nutrition

Say “Yes” to Dessert!

When you feel deprived, you are less likely to stick to a healthy diet. So enjoy dessert with some smart substitutions that help you cut back on the fat and sugar. Also keep in mind sensible portion sizes when you do choose to indulge.

Enjoy a sweet treat, but remember to check the fat, sugar, and calorie content for a normal portion. We’ve got two sweet and healthy recipes for you. Here are some ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without busting your gut.

Lower Fat Options:
• Angel food cake
• Fresh berries with low fat creamer or fat free half and half
• Low fat ice cream or sorbet
• Add apple sauce or prune puree instead of oil when baking cakes and breads

Lower Sugar Options:
• No sugar added cookies
• No sugar added pudding made with skim milk
• Frozen banana rolled in crushed almonds and unsweetened coconut
• Bake with half the sugar recommended in any recipe and it will still
  be sweet enough. We promise!

Portion control:
• One slice of fruit pie, not half the pie
• One inch square of dark chocolate
• 3 ounce fruit smoothie
• 10 frozen grapes

Lower Calorie Choices:
• Use egg substitutes or egg whites instead of whole eggs in baking recipes
• Eat the cupcake, but not the frosting or nuts
• Choose apple crisp instead of apple pie
• Snack on half a granola bar instead of a whole candy bar

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