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Family Sports & Fitness

Win Bigger with FUN Organized Sports

If you and your kids are participating in organized sports and league play, shift the focus from the scoreboard to the experience – and make it more fun for everyone.

Parents, coaches and the organizations that run youth sports activities list the ultimate goals as fitness and fun. But often the experience delivers unnecessary stress when stiff peer pressure and competition kick in. Redirect the goal to emphasize skill building, self-esteem, and sportsmanship and you’ll all be able to put fitness and fun back into first place.

Ask your kids about their experience, not who won the game
•  Skill Building
        What did you learn today?
        What did you do better than before?
•  Self-Esteem
        Did you feel you did your best today?
        How do you feel about how you played?
•  Sportsmanship
        Did you take turns today?
        Did you cooperate with your teammates?
•  Fun
        Did you have fun today?
        What was the most fun part of the event?

Coaches and Organizations
Allow everyone to participate and learn
•  Skill Building
        Rotate players through a variety of positions
        Allow everyone to play regardless of skill
•  Self Esteem
        Allow teammates, coaches and parents to make positive comments
        from the sidelines
        Emphasize how to improve without personal criticism
•  Sportsmanship
        Share an example of sportsmanship from your experience
        Present an award each game or season to a player demonstrating
        good sportsmanship
•  Fun
        Schedule practice and games on the same day of the week to allow
        kids to participate in other activities
        Let kids who are friends play on the same team

Look for the smile on everyone’s face at the end of the day – including the players, the parents, the coaches, the officials and the spectators. Remember, kids who enjoy both the practice and the game will stick with it longer, linking fitness and fun into a lifelong passion for healthy living. 

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