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Healthy Skin Care

Skin, the largest organ of our body, benefits from exercise just as our heart and lungs do. Protect your skin from bacteria and sun during your workout to keep your face, feet, and scalp in great shape too.

Exercise increases blood flow to the surface of your skin and brings oxygen and nutrients to your whole body – including your skin. In fact, the increased blood flow, unclogging of pores from sweating, and stress reduction from exercise may all benefit the acne sufferer. Here are a few tips on keeping your skin healthy during and after workouts.

Hands off!
•  Blot your skin with a clean, dry towel
•  Don’t rub or wipe skin with your hands, shirt or towel

Keep it clean and clear
•  Tie hair back so it does not rub your face
•  Wash socks, helmets, hats, sweat bands, and sunglasses after every workout
•  Wash your face gently after a workout when the pores are open
       Sensitive skin may need only water to flush the sweat, not a deep cleanser
•  Wash your hands before and after you work out
•  Wipe equipment down before and after use
       Using shared weights or equipment can spread bacteria if not kept clean
•  Shower as soon as possible when finished exercising

Consider your clothes
•  Wear flip-flops in the shower and when walking around in a shared locker room
•  Watch out for ringworm and athlete’s foot, two fungal infections that are easily
    spread by close contact
       More severe skin conditions are highly contagious among both athletes and
       average exercisers
•  Wear clothes that are not too tight or too loose
      Tight clothing that rubs sensitive and acne-prone areas can irritate and aggravate
      pre-existing conditions
      Wear lightweight, breathable and unrestrictive clothing and change out of it soon
      after a tough workout

Outdoor extras
•  Wear sunscreen on all exposed skin all year long
      Re-apply every two hours and after swimming and sweating
      Look for “sport” sunscreens that are designed to stay put even when you sweat
•  Wear sunglasses, a hat and other protective clothing even in cloudy weather

Wet and wonderful
•  Hydrate before, during and after your workout
       Plain water is still the best drink

Rosacea caution

•  Rosacea flare-ups can occur when you get overheated
       Work out during the cooler parts of the day
       Work out in more frequent but shorter intervals
       Drink plenty of cold fluids
       Incorporate lower-intensity exercises and water exercise

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