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Family Nutrition

Quick Food – Not Fast Food – For “3 Squares
on the Go” (and healthy snacks, too)

Quick Food – Not Fast Food – For “3 Squares on the Go” (and healthy snacks, too)
Back to school, back to work: The fast-paced life means everyone needs solid nutrition more than ever.

These fast, easy, tasty and filling meal ideas will keep your family happy and on the healthy track – any time of day. They’re flexible too: Just change the portion size and pair them with other foods to transform them from snack to meal and back again.

Whip up egg and vegetable casseroles
•   Add low fat cheese to create a quiche
•   Cut into portions, wrap individually and freeze. Pop a frozen portion in a
    cooler back and it’ll be defrosted in time for lunch. Heat in a microwave or eat cold.

Top whole grain baked goods with nut butter
•   Bake a batch of bran muffins early in the week, freeze and then
    easily defrost in the microwave
•   Make whole grain waffles, enjoy them hot and freeze the leftovers
•   Add blueberries or raisins to the batter for added flavor
•   Frozen whole grain selections from the grocery store are an easy alternate

Wrap up leftovers in a whole wheat tortilla
•   Pack tortillas separately from fillings for a fresher tasting lunch.
    Great filling combos:
•   Turkey/low fat cheese/veggies
•   Avocado slices/beans
•   Hummus/cucumber slices
•   Add an apple and it’s a meal

Smooth the mornings
•   Prepare what you can the night before:
•   Blend fruit and yogurt together
•   Portion out flax seeds, granola or chopped nuts so you can
    just add them without measuring

Crock pot pleasures
•   Cut up veggies and lean meat at night and refrigerate the portions
•   In the morning, place veggies, meat and low sodium canned vegetable broth
    in the crock pot, plug it in and set it to the right heat
•   Come home to a ready-to-eat meal

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