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Family Nutrition

Sprout a Healthier You with Seeds

These  six seeds are loaded with dietary fiber, protein, healthy fats,
vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Add one seed a day to your diet for a healthy boost of flavor and crunch.
Consider two tablespoons as a single serving.

Sunflower Seeds
On the ball field or on the run, sunflower seeds are one of nature’s gifts to our bodies.

Excellent source of:
• protein
• iron
• folate
• zinc
• dietary fiber
• vitamin E
• antioxidants

Potential Benefits
• boosts the immune system
• helps cardiovascular disease
• slows the effects of aging
• lowers blood pressure
• lowers bad cholesterol

Eat ‘em
• sprinkle on salads
• add to stir-frys
• chop and blend into batters
• breads, muffins, pancakes

Pumpkin Seeds
Halloween and year round, pumpkin seeds are slightly sweet and nutty.
Dry your own in the fall when pumpkins are easy to find.

Excellent source of:
• iron
• magnesium
• potassium
• phytosterols

Potential Benefits
• promotes good prostate health
• anti-inflammatory
• lowers cholesterol

Sunflower Seeds Eat ‘em
• sprinkle on salads
• add to cereal
• mix into pumpkin bread batter

Sesame Seeds
Nutty tasting and crunchy when whole or chopped, sesame seeds can also
be used ground into a paste or made into oil.

Excellent source of:
• calcium
• iron
• magnesium
• phosphorus
• zinc
• B vitamins
• dietary fiber

Potential Benefits
• lowers inflammation
• improves brain health

Eat ‘em
• grind into paste to make tahini
• spread on crackers
• add tahini to ground chick peas to make hummus
• grind coarsely to use as a coating for fish or chicken
• sprinkle whole on steamed veggies
• stir-fry using sesame oil and whole sesame seeds

Cultivated for health since ancient times, the nutrients in flax seeds absorb
best when the seeds are ground.

Excellent source of:
• omega-3 fatty acids
• dietary fiber
• lignans (beneficial plant compounds)

Potential Benefits
• reduce belly fat
• lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes

Eat ‘em
•    stir in oatmeal
•    add to smoothies
•    add to flour when baking or coating
•    add to stews and casseroles

Chia Seeds

This Mexican seed from a desert plant has a mild and nutty flavor.
Chia seeds may increase energy and control hunger.

Excellent source of:
•  omega-3 fatty acids
•  carbohydrates
•  protein
•  dietary fiber
•  antioxidants
•  calcium

Potential Benefits
•  boost energy
•  reduce hunger

Eat ‘em
•  mix with water to create a pudding
•  add to homemade oatmeal cookies
•  sprinkle on rice or salads

Wheat Germ
The crunchy germ is the part of the grain that develops into a seed.

Excellent source of:
•  niacin
•  thiamin
•  riboflavin
•  folate
•  vitamin E
•  magnesium
•  phosphorus
•  potassium
•  iron
•  zinc

Potential Benefits
•  balances blood sugar levels
•  controls cholesterol levels
•  promotes intestinal health

Eat ‘em
•  add to yogurt or smoothies
•  mix into batter for baked goods
•  sprinkle on cereal

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