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Family Nutrition

Enjoy Without Overdoing

Stick to your healthy commitment and avoid overeating this holiday season with just a few smart tips.  Stay on track and enjoy the true spirit of this season’s parties. 

Enter full
Enjoy a low-cal, high-protein snack 15 minutes before going to the party
•  A handful of nuts
•  A small apple
•  A low-sugar, high-fiber bar
When you first look at the party offerings, remind yourself you just ate and can wait
•  Enjoy the visual treats of the season before tasting them
•  Remember, it takes about 20 minutes for your brain and stomach to agree you just ate

Bring it on
•  Lentil curry
•  Soba noodles with broccoli
•  Apple and raspberry compote
Cut vegetables into interesting shapes for a festive veggie platter
•  Star cucumbers
•  Rose radishes
•  Carrot smiles
•  Sliced tomato with fresh basil

Start your plate with a serving of what you brought knowing it’s a healthy choice.

Talk for 10 minutes between small plates of food
•  Look for a fit person and discuss their exercise programs

Take one bite of a treat, and share the rest with a friend
•  Comment on the taste, texture and enjoy the one bite!

Walk and talk
•  Walk around the party, looking at decorations or artwork and joining conversations.

Make buffet visits small and slow
Find the smallest plate and fill it half way
•  Put the plate down between bites and before refilling
•  Take small bites, and chew slowly

Count to ten before you place an item on the plate to decide if the calories are worth it

Sit down and get up
Teen tastes
Offer to make a plate of food for someone else
•  You get to enjoy looking at all the food without adding the calories to your day

Offer to help with dishes or clear the table

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