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Family Nutrition

Grow Superheroes with Super Food Combos

You and your family can become super strong by combining these super foods and adding them to your regular diet.

Create all-day energy with onions & chickpeas
According to a 2010 study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, sulfur compounds in onions, garlic, and leeks can help you absorb more iron and zinc from grains and legumes, including chickpeas.
Iron helps transport oxygen in the body
Iron deficiency can cause fatigue and cloudy thinking
Pre-menopausal women need to be conscientious about maintaining iron levels
Serving ideas: Soup and salad
Serve a hot soup with lots of vegetables, including chickpeas and onions, as an after-school snack
Throw some chickpeas and sautéed onions on your dinner salad

Stay heart-healthy with green tea & lemon juice
The powerful antioxidants (catechins) found in green tea can reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. Citrus aids the absorption of catechins.

Combining lemon, lime, or grapefruit with green tea reduces the breakdown of catechins in our digestive system
Serving ideas: Hot or cold drinks
Brew a pot of green tea and add the juice of one lemon as a morning wake-up
Keep a chilled pitcher of iced green tea with lemon juice in the fridge, then add club soda before serving

Reduce inflammation and blood pressure with tofu & jalapeños
Genistein is a disease-fighting compound found in soy foods such as edamame and tofu. Capsaicin is an antioxidant that gives chili peppers and jalapeños a fiery kick. Put them together and they help tame inflammation in the body.
Chronic inflammation in the body is a known risk factor for heart disease and cancer
Capsaicin also helps reduce blood pressure
Asthma sufferers benefit from eating food with genistein 
Serving ideas: Stir fry and snack
Lightly stir-fry cubed firm tofu, chopped fresh vegetables, fresh ginger and minced jalapeño. Splash with low-sodium soy sauce before serving

Season and chill shelled edamame with sea salt, a pinch of cayenne or chili powder, and a squirt of fresh lemon juice. Keep in the fridge for snacks, or take to school as a mid-afternoon bite.

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