1. Eat a medium orange instead of drinking 12 oz. of fresh orange juice?

A. Yes  Save 106 calories

2. Enjoy 5 oz. of chocolate milk instead of 5 oz. of a chocolate milkshake?
A. Yes  Save 110 calories

3. Choose 3 oz. of mozzarella cheese for your sandwich instead of Swiss cheese?
A. Yes  Save 108 calories

4. Go out for 15 minutes of brisk walking?
B. No Only 75 calories in 15 minutes, so walk for 30 minutes instead

5. Pickup game of basketball?
A. Yes  About 110 calories in just 15 minutes

6. Thick or thin crust pizza?
B. Thin  Save 106 calories

7. Sleep 4 hours?
A. Yes  Burn 50 calories per hour even though you’re doing nothing

8. Do light house cleaning for an hour?
A. Yes Burn 240 calories while doing your chores

9. Snack on 6 oz. of potato chips or 6 oz. of tortilla chips?
A. Tortilla chips  Save nearly 100 calories

10. Spend an hour making snow angels or an hour of playing ping-pong?
C. Either  Both fun activities burn about 300 calories an hour!