Tips from TV

Some reality show behaviors can really help you meet your goals. No, really.

Learn from the funny fitness reality TV shows to make fitness a reality in your life.

•   Build a team to support your success
•   Take a group fitness class
•   Join a team sports league
•   Post to online message boards
•   Enlist your family members as teammates who support and encourage
     each other to push harder, work out longer, and stick to healthy eating habits
•   Commit to committing
•   Be willing to make sacrifices to achieve your goals
•   Work out instead of a going to a movie
•   Avoid shortcuts or taking the easy way out
•   Believe in yourself
•   A positive attitude creates success
•   Remember: It’s better to try than to never start at all
•   Small setbacks don’t mean you lost the game
•   Keep going for a lifetime
•   Make healthy eating and exercise part of your daily life
•   Real life doesn’t end with the close of a TV season
•   Have fun and keep smiling
•   Your fitness routine should be as much fun as a TV fitness game
•   Swing from the monkey bars
•   Jump up and down in the water
•   Create silly relay races with your teammates
•   Enjoy every minute of better health!