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Family Nutrition

Meatless Monday

How can giving up meat one day a week improve your health and the planet? When you reduce your saturated fat intake, your heart will sing – and when more people reduce their intake of meat, fewer greenhouse gases are emitted, and the earth sings too!

Why Go Meatless?
Reducing meat consumption will help you lose weight
Eating one vegetarian meal per day could lower your risk of dying of cancer or heart disease by as much as 20%
Vegetarian meals are cheaper than fast food
Giving up meat for just ONE day dramatically scales back your resource consumption (ecological footprint):
•  Meat production uses up to 50 times more fossil fuels than farming vegetables does
•  Industrial animal production causes more greenhouse gas emissions than daily transportation thanks to:
•  Methane gas from the cattle’s bodies
•  Nitrous oxide from fertilizer and manure
•  Carbon dioxide from clearing land and cattle fodder

Why Monday?
Healthy behaviors are easy to start at the beginning of the week
Monday is like having a new January 1 every week
Missed a Meatless Monday? Don’t worry, there’s another one coming up in just a few days
One day per week, then two, then three is an easy way to transition to more meatless menus.

Plan for Meatless Monday on Thinking Thursday
Set Thursdays aside to look in your cupboards, your freezer, and your grocery store for ideas on your next meatless menu  
Make a list of ingredients for a meal you want to create
You now have three days to get your shopping done
Add in alternative sources of protein:
•  Quinoa
•  Beans and rice
•  Nuts
•  Eggs
•  Cheese
•  Avocado
•  Vegetarian chili
•  Spaghetti squash with tofu

When you make one healthy change a habit, more good habits will follow. Start today!

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