Water Ways to Better Health

Water helps you stay hydrated, while sugary drinks can actually throw your body’s mineral levels off. If you’re struggling to resist sugar drinks, try paddling through these wonderful waterways to a healthier you.

Most adults need about 100 ounces of water each day. Amazingly, kids may need even more water than adults, especially if they’re very active. Your health, where you live, and the liquid content in food you eat all influence the amount of water you may need to drink in any given day, so be aware of your thirst and obey your body’s urge to drink more water when it needs it.

Reach for More Interesting Flavors
•  Try sparkling water with natural lemon flavoring
•  Add a slice of lemon, lime, orange or cucumber to your glasses of water
•  Trade one glass of still water for sparkling water or seltzer with a teaspoon of 100% fruit juice or a squeeze of fresh citrus
•  Switch to unsweetened iced tea with or without lemon
•  Try a mug of hot water with a drop of honey and a squeeze of lemon
•  Freeze bits of citrus peel from lemons, limes and oranges and keep them in a bag near the ice cubes. When you add cubes to your water, sprinkle in some appeal too.

Remind Yourself to Hydrate
Set an alarm or computer reminder to drink water once every hour
KIDS: Keep water bottles in your locker and take at least one big gulp whenever you’re at your locker. Able to carry water with you? Always take a swig between classes or subjects.
Decide on a few personal “triggers” to encourage water drinking
•   Hearing a bird  
•   Seeing your favorite color
•   Answering the phone, emailing or texting
Drink half a glass of water for every commercial break during television programs