Know When to Worry

If you suffer from headaches regularly, you probably know how manage the pain. But there are times when you should be concerned enough to call a doctor.

Call  when:
•    You have more than the occasional headache

•    Your headaches are severe or come on quickly

•    Your headache is accompanied by any of the following
     which you have not discussed with a doctor:
    ο  Confusion
    ο  Dizziness
    ο  Fever
    ο  Numbness
    ο  Persistent vomiting
    ο  Shortness of breath
    ο  Slurred speech
    ο  Stiff neck
    ο  Unpredicted symptoms affecting your ears, nose,  
         throat or eyes
    ο  Unrelenting diarrhea
    ο  Vision loss
    ο  Weakness

•    Your headache persists, gets worse or won’t stop even
     if you take medication

•    Your headaches interfere with your daily activities

•    You find yourself taking pain relievers more than two
     days a week

•    You get headaches when you cough, sneeze, bend
     over, or exercise
•    Your headaches began after a head injury or trauma
     and have continued since
•    The characteristics of your headaches change (from
     throbbing to ringing, for example).