1. Which is the most balanced exercise plan?

Walking, weight lifting, and yoga

2. You should always do cardio exercises before strength training.
Do what feels best for you

3. You can improve your fitness by:
All of the above

4. It’s better to do 30 straight minutes of exercise than 10 minutes 3X a day

5. Will you get the same fitness benefit – in half the time – if you play a game of singles tennis instead of mowing the lawn?

6. Warm up before and cool down after you exercise – every time.

7. What should your target heart rate be during exercise?
50 – 85% of your maximum heart rate

8. How much water should you drink before you work out?
25-28 oz.

9. Sports drinks are always better than water for rehydration after a workout.

10. When strength training, do each exercise until it’s hard to do more.