Turn Fitness into a Routine

As young kids and teens return to the classroom, work as a family to develop healthy habits that last beyond the school year and into every year of life.

  • Organize walking groups:  Work with neighboring families to create a group of kids who walk to and from school together.
  • The group can alternate between a few routes that allow the group to pick up kids along the way.
  • If school is too far away, the group can walk to a later bus stop in the morning and get off earlier in the afternoon.
  • Reinforce a positive body image: Get moving as a family, regardless of body type, and encourage everyone to participate to their ability. Being active should be fun, not dread, and should lead to healthier bodies, not movie-star ideals.
  • Exchange computer/TV/game time for exercise: Teens, you can lead the way on this! Be the family’s scheduler who gets everyone up and stretching or walking frequently. Find time for the family to play a game outside or take the dog for a walk as a group. Make it YOUR goal to keep the whole family healthy.
  • Encourage participation in sports: School and community leagues can build self confidence and a clearer understanding of cooperation. Teams are a smart way to get kids involved in improving their health and skills.
  • Make exercise and sports FUN: Never make team play or family exercise a duty or punishment. It should be motivating, fun and rewarding – for everyone!