Tough Choices

As the school year moves forward, so do the number of  choices teens have to make every day. How are you doing with all the healthy mind-and-body choices you have to make every day?

1. Bacteria can grow on food and make you sick. How can you keep your food safe to eat?

2. Peer pressure is always a bad thing.:

3. Alcohol is a:

4. Use your time on the school bus to jump around, yell and throw things so you can burn that extra energy you have stored up.d throw things so you can burn that extra :

5. Safety goggles look dumb, so you don’t need to use them when you’re conducting an experiment in science class. :

6. Which is safer to start experimenting with while you’re young?

7. If you’re a good swimmer you don’t need to wear a lifejacket in a boat.:

8. If you’re not going on a highway or just going a few blocks you don’t need to wear a seat belt.:

9. Why does someone bully others?

10. You can get burned by water from your own bathroom faucet.: