Tips for Retaining Control
The holiday season seems to never end – beginning with tempting bags of Halloween candy in October and running right through Cupid’s cupcakes in February. Don’t let buffets, snacks and big family dinners spiral into a portion control – and weight control – nightmare.

1. Cook at home as often as possible to avoid big restaurant portions and high-fat fast food.

If you must eat out, order an appetizer and a salad instead of a full entrée.

Split meals – at home and at restaurants – and pack the rest away.

Portion out chips and other snacks. Don’t eat from the bag.

Read labels and eat the serving size recommended. You may find that a single muffin is actually portioned for two
servings, so eat just half.

Use measuring cups, spoons and scales to ensure you’re eating and serving the proper amounts.

“Low fat” and “sugar free” labels don’t signal it’s OK to eat unlimited quantities. They’re still filled with calories.

Use smaller bowls, plates and glasses to reduce intake.

Fill half of every plate with vegetables, then split the other half between lean protein and whole grains.

If you must eat at a buffet, fill your plate once. Don’t return for seconds and move to another room to avoid the temptation of mindless eating.