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Family Fitness

The Language of Love

Your home is where love lives, where your family gathers for comfort and support. When you join together to make healthy lifestyle choices, you speak the language of love. And that language begins with the ABCs of health and fitness. Take time each week to review the basics of the following ABCs and maintain your FitFamily.

A = Activities

  • Make staying active a priority for every member of the family
  • Plan activities that fit your family’s age and skill levels
  • Turn off the TV and computers and walk, ride bikes or toss a ball together.
  • Get off the couch and into action

B = Build Habits
  • Focus on building a lifetime of habits, not just immediate results
  • Make incremental, small changes like walking the dog every evening – but do them regularly
  • Find ways for kids and adults to interact in healthy ways, such as playing ball together or practicing for organized sports

C = Count or Track Progress
  • Humans are motivated by incentives and evidence of progress, so set individual or family goals and keep tabs of the progress you make toward healthy goals
  • Get a pedometer for each family member and track your steps. Build a friendly rivalry to see who takes the most steps each day, or create a map to a destination based on the distance you all walk as a family.

D = Day Trips
  • Trade movie nights and game nights for physically active day trips, such as walking through a historic battlefield, visiting a zoo, or simply hiking park trails
  • Consider signing the family up to volunteer at a race, walkathon, park or beach cleanup, food drive or pet adoption event

E = Eat Healthier
  • Parents and teens make powerful role models for others, so rather than talking about healthy eating, demonstrate what it is through the choices you make
  • Snack on apple slices and baby carrots instead of ice cream or chips
  • Challenge young children to “eat a rainbow” of foods, including carrots, red and green peppers, bananas, blueberries and eggplant

F = Fun
  • Make being active fun – not a chore
  • Take trips to parks, play word games as you walk each evening, sing songs as you toss the ball. Discover the creative fun that arises when you exercise as a family.

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