1. How many teaspoons of sugar does the average American take in through food and drinks every day?

2. Which of these sweeteners comes from a plant?

3. What is the equivalent of 1 gram of sugar?
¼ tsp

4. Humans are born with a sweet tooth.

5. Where do sugars often lurk?

All of above

6. Why is high-fructose syrup in so many foods?
It’s cheaper to produce than sugar

7. What’s a good grocery store strategy to avoid buying food with added sugar?
Shop the perimeter of the store

8. What’s another name for table sugar?

9. You can still find saccharin in foods today.


10. When searching food labels for added sugar, look for
Any of the above

11. Which country leads the world in sugar production?

12. Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.