Fitness Tips

Summer Reminders for Kids

Lazing around the house is no way to spend your summer vacation! Set some time aside each day for exercise and the days – and months – will go by faster. And you’ll be happier.

1. Don’t let technology get between you and fitness. Instead of IMing, texting and FBing, walk or bike to a friend’s house and hang out. Real face time is far better than FaceTime.

2. Yard work and cleaning the house count as physical activity. Offer to mow the lawn, rake leaves, tend the herb garden, wash the car, give the dog a bath, vacuum, dust, clean your own closet or clean out the family’s storage areas. You’ll burn calories and make your parents happy.

3. Be careful about snacks. Choose fresh fruit, nuts and yogurt over chips, dips, candy and ice cream.

4. Make summertime new-habit-building time. Use the time to: Drink enough water, walk 10,000 steps/day, cut down on sugar, keep an activity or food journal, learn to run, practice yoga or meditation, schedule school-year activities, practice your musical instrument or sport.

5. Gather friends and build an obstacle course for the neighborhood kids. Encourage everyone to participate and improve their times through the course with each try.

6. Get involved in your Youth Center.

7. Dance to at least one entire song every day.