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High Five for Clean Hands!

Stop spreading germs and start spreading the news about clean hands. As we gather to celebrate the holidays – actually anytime of the year – we’re gathering our germs together too. Avoid catching and passing germs with just a few changes to your routines and habits.

Think of your hands as delivery systems for germs – and your T-Zone (the mucous membranes in your eyes, nose and mouth) as the entryways for bacteria. That bacteria brings on nasty bouts of gastrointestinal and respiratory disease.

It’s relatively simple to “lend a hand” to solve the problem of spreading illnesses – in fact, you can count the strategies on one hand!

1. Wash your hands when they are dirty.
2. Always wash before meals.
3. Don’t cough into your hands.
4. Don’t sneeze into your hands.
5. Keep your fingers out of your eyes, nose and mouth.

Don’t know when your hands are dirty? Give ‘em a whiff. If they smell clean, they are clean. If they smell dirty, they could spread germs to others or introduce them to you!

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