Blood Health Quiz

January is National Blood Donor Month.
How much do you know about blood?

1. Blood makes up about how much of your body weight?

2. Which type of blood is most attractive to hungry mosquitos?

3. Blood tests can tell your doctor if:

4. Blood clots can form in your legs on a long plane trip because:

5. If you have this type of blood, you may have a greater chance of memory loss as you age.:

6. The first blood transfusion was done in the:

7. People with this type of blood are called universal receivers because they can receive blood from anyone.:

8.People with this type of blood are called universal donors because they can give blood to anyone.:

9. This substance is used by forensic scientists and other investigators to detect the presence of blood.:

10. This component in the blood is part of our immune system to destroy pathogens in our body.:

11. This is a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen.: