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In our post Pump Up da “D” you learned why adults and children need vitamin D. Here are some tips regarding this important hormone.
  • Foods highest in vitamin D include trout, cod liver oil, salmon and tofu.
  • Help your body get the vitamin D it needs by exposure to sunlight, vitamin D pills, and vitamin D-rich foods.
  • You can get your daily dose of vitamin D with three ounces of trout, six servings of raisin bran or 1.5 cups of mushrooms.
  • If you’re taking a pill for vitamin D, an adult will need 600 milligrams.
  • Avoid too much vitamin D (10,000 mg per day) because it can lead to a heart attack or kidney stones.
  • Some types of orange juice and milk are fortified with vitamin D.
  • Beef liver is a great source of vitamin D.
  • For those who can’t get outside for 25 minutes per day, an ultraviolet lamp will also do the trick.
  • Do you like egg yolks? They’re another great source for vitamin D.
  • Fatty fish is best, but canned tuna also has significant amounts of vitamin D.