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1.  Build lean muscle rather than diet. One pound of lean muscle will allow you to burn about 50 more calories per day while at rest.

2.  Eat less but eat more often. Try eating 5-7 small meals per day rather than three big ones.

3.  Stand at work rather than sit.

4.  Skip the soda. Try the green tea instead. Soda contains empty calories and diet soda increases your tolerance for sugary foods and beverages.

5.  Water. You really do need 8 glasses per day.

6.  Increase your protein intake. Eggs and nuts are great.

7.  Make certain you eat breakfast. Approximately 42% of those in the U.S. skip breakfast completely. This is coincidently very close to our rate of obesity. 

8.  Caffeine in moderation. The metabolic rates of those who enjoyed a morning cup is an impressive 16% higher than those who did not have a cuppa in the morning.

9.  Interval training. The elite athletes who make the big bucks do it – and so can you. For example, if walking, try running for a two minute spurt, and then walk again.

10.  Get your omega-3s. Omega-3s balance blood sugar and reduce inflammation which helps regulate your metabolism and can be found in fish such as salmon.