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1.  Sit AWAY from the food. Find the dessert table, or the pasta table and sit on the opposite end of the room if you can.

2.  Scope it out first. Before you grab a plate, scout the buffet territory and plan your attack

3.  Use a salad-sized plate instead of a dinner plate. Go ahead and fill it up with the healthy food, and wait at least 5 minutes before going back for seconds.

4.  Nothing fried. Fried foods are dangerous in terms of bad fats, and excessive calories.

5.  Skip the mayo. This is another caloric danger zone.

6.  Bypass the bread. Why waste your calories on bread and butter? Go for the tasty healthy items you don't buy or cook at home.

7.  Lean proteins. Just as in real non-buffet life, lean protein is best. Look for grilled chicken, smoked salmon or lean beef.

8.  Fill up on liquids. Most buffets (weddings or otherwise) have unlimited non-alcoholic beverages. Drink the sparkling water, unsweetened iced tea, coffee or hot tea before you circle the buffet table.

9.  Avoid peer pressure. Your eating partners may attempt to lead you astray. Think about how proud you'll feel the next morning if you resist the temptation the night before!

10.  Limit alcohol intake. This is closely related to the previous tip.

One last idea – START THE DANCING.
After all, someone has to be the first one on the dance floor!