1. Which has the most calories?
B. Quizno's Large Tuna Melt

2. Which of these McDonald’s items has the most fat, with 45 grams?
A. Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese

3. Which of these Starbucks offerings has the fewest calories?
A. Bacon & Gouda Sandwich

4. Which of these Taco Bell breakfast foods has 670 calories (380 from fat)?
A. A.M. Crunchwrap

5. Which of these Taco Bell breakfast foods has the fewest calories?

D. Grilled Breakfast Burrito

6. Which of these items from Wendy’s has the fewest calories?
C. Grilled Chicken Wrap

7. The amount of sugar is highest in this beverage.
B. 20 Ounce Mountain Dew

8. All of these menu items from Long John Silver’s are 196-258 calories. Which is the lowest?
C. Baja Fish Taco

9. Which of these menu items from Kentucky Fried Chicken has the most calories – not including any sides?
B. Colonel's Original Sandwich

10. To order wisely at a fast food restaurant it is helpful to:
D. All of the above