Exercising burns energy – and so do normal everyday chores. Guess how much energy is burned (calories consumed) during the following activities.  All activities are listed for a 5’6” woman, age 40 weighing 140 pounds.

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1. Aerobics - high impact for one hour:

2. Bicycling / cycling 12-14 mph for one hour:

3. Bikram / hot yoga for one hour :

4. Bowling for one hour:

5. Cooking for 30 minutes:

6. Dancing - disco, folk, step, line, polka, country for one hour:

7. Jumping jacks – moderate for 60 minutes:

8. Laundry for 30 minutes:

9. Mowing – push mower for 30 minutes:

10. Running 5 mph for one hour:

11. Sleeping for one hour:

12. Walking 2 mph for one hour:

13. Walking the dog for one hour adds how many calories to the above?

14. Zumba for one hour: