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1. How many U.S. adults engage in charitable giving?

2. How much does the average household contribute annually?

3. How many people in the U.S. have less than positive feelings toward charitable organizations?

4. The largest source of charitable giving ($241 billion) comes from:

5. The majority of charitable dollars went to:

6. In 2014, how much of charitable contributions were raised online?

7. Which fast food restaurant tied fried chicken and fast food to cancer awareness? (Note: obesity, a common result of fast food consumption, is actually contributory to cancer.):

8. Going bald to make wigs for cancer patients is a wonderful act of love. What percentage of donations cannot be used due to hair that is too wet, too moldy, too gray or too processed to be used?

9. Volunteering is a common activity after a natural disaster. Which is a true statement about disaster relief.:

10. Australia is the most generous country in the world, followed by Ireland and then Canada:

11. Families that earn $50,000-$75,000 give an average of 7.6% to charity, compared to 4.2% for people who make $100,000 or more.:

12. Which generation of adults donates the most (43% of all donations):