1. How many U.S. adults engage in charitable giving?
D. 95%

2. How much does the average household contribute annually?
B. $2,974

3. How many people in the U.S. have less than positive feelings toward charitable organizations?
D. 32%

4. The largest source of charitable giving ($241 billion) comes from:
A. Individuals

5. The majority of charitable dollars went to:
A. Religion

6. In 2014, how much of charitable contributions were raised online?
B. 6.7%

7. Which fast food restaurant tied fried chicken and fast food to cancer awareness? (Note: obesity, a common result of fast food consumption, is actually contributory to cancer.)

8. Going bald to make wigs for cancer patients is a wonderful act of love. What percentage of donations cannot be used due to hair that is too wet, too moldy, too gray or too processed to be used?
D. 80%

9. Volunteering is a common activity after a natural disaster.  Which is a true statement about disaster relief.
D. All of the above

10. Australia is the most generous country in the world, followed by Ireland and then Canada

11. Families that earn $50,000-$75,000 give an average of 7.6% to charity, compared to 4.2% for people who make $100,000 or more.

12. Which generation of adults donates the most (43% of all donations):
B. Baby Boomers